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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand Day 1
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1Somewhere in Bangkok...
BMT Train
 The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam
 View from the walk way (11 floor) to the north tower.
Supper! Taste similar to Singapore's fries

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9:04 PM
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Color Change Blemish Balm (CC Cream)

Very light mint color. Makes your skin more bright, smooth, whitens  your skin and it also have SPF 25++!! To apply on your face: After your routine skin care. Take proper amount and pur on your cheek, forehead, and chin. Spread from inner side toward the edge of thr face using the tip of your fingers!! 
 Smudge it on your hands and massage them till the CC Cream is invisible! With light fragrance!! Matches any skin color from light to dark!!!
 With CC Cream!!
Without CC Cream! See the difference yourself! Only SGD 12.90!! From Beaute Spring!! Wash it away for hands: because there is UV, just wash it with body soap on anywhere of your hands which you have applied! To wash it away for face: wash with cleansing gel or wash.


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4:19 AM
Friday, March 8, 2013

My new school bag! Yeah yeah~~
I love my new school bag! Original price SGS$49.00, since I got the member card I payed the bag for $44.90

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7:03 AM
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wednesday's school is the best!
Today's outfit, hairstyle and ma breakfast! I hope my teacher will like my Wreck It Ralph drawing.

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7:06 PM
Thursday, October 4, 2012

K-pop Karaoke Version with simplified lyrics

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11:00 AM

TransFixion 트랜스픽션- Never Say Goodbye Simplified Lyrics

I byeo ri ra neun geu mal mit ji an hat deon geu nal geu dae ga tteo na gan dam yeon
Nae ga eotteoke hae ya geu dael ja beul su it jyo nae ge dae da phae jwo yo
Dwi dora seo neun geu dae mo seup nan eun bol su ga eob tj yo
Geu dae ga tteo na gan dam yeon nae gyeo te seo meo reo jyeo ga neun geo ra myeon nan eo tteok gu

geu dae eob seum yeon nan eun muneo jyeo beo ril geot ga teun de Never say good bye

ije geu dae tteo nam yeon nan eun gal go seul ireo diro ga ya hana yo oh

heu lleo ga neun si gan deu reun meom chul su neun eo mnayo

geu dae ga tteo na gan dam yeon nae gyeo te seo meo reo jyeo ga neun geo ra myeon na neun eotteok gu

geu dae eob seum yeon nan eun mun eo jyeo beo ril geot ga teun de Never say good bye

geu daen nae ge man heun mi ryeon deu reul namg yeo dun chae meo reo ji ji man

na neun mi deul su eob tjyo tteo na ga neun geu dae mo seu beul 

Music time~ ♩♪♫♬~

geu dae ga tteo na gan dam yeon nae gye oteseo meo reo jyeo ga neun geora myeon nan eotteok hae

geu dae eob seum yeon nan eun muneo jyeo beo ril geot ga teun de Never say good bye

geu dae ga tteo naga jiman urin ajik kkeu tnaji an hat da neun geol

geu su man heun chueok deu reun ajik nae ga seum so ge na ma inneun de

Never say good bye~
Never say good bye
Never say good bye…

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10:51 AM
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Number of people from which country who visited TheSupagurl's fanpage on Facebook (:

  • Countries

    6United States
  • Cities
    11Kuala Lumpur
  • Language
    64English (US)
    7English (UK)
    2Simplified Chinese (China)
    1French (France)
    1Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)

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